September Workshops

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September Workshops

They F*** You Up Your Mum and Dad

Monday 12 September 2022, 4pm UK (11am EST), 2 hours. Free.

I am organising this workshop for Carrie, the presenter. In this workshop, we will explore the adverse childhood experiences research through the lens of oppression and hierarchy, and understand the impact of these traumatic events on our physical and mental health as adults.

We will focus on finding loving solutions together towards health and flourishing, through family abolition and mutual aid.

TW: We will be identifying some features of childhood abuse. The workshop will be a trauma informed space recognising that we all carry childhood trauma with us and ensuring that everyone is cared for, respected, and listened to.

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Carrie Sanders was a philosophy and politics lecturer in further education and university for 15 years. For the last 10 years, she has been working with children, young people, families, and adults using attachment therapy (VIG), with mental health in CAMHS and with NHS services developing social and green prescribing services.

Image credit: Louise Bourgeois

We Sacrifice No One

Tuesday 13 September 2022, 7pm UK (2pm EST), 2 hours. Free.

With climate and ecological destruction in our faces more and more, we are increasingly vulnerable to ecofascism (sacrificing others) and calls to self-harm (sacrificing ourselves). Let’s explore the appropriate responses from within a framework of communities of awareness and care.

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Photo credit: me

The Impossible Community: A Conversation with John P. Clark

Wednesday 14 September 2022, 5pm UK (Noon EST), 90 minutes. Free.

What barriers keep us from having communities within communities within communities of solidarity and care? How do we imagine , and build, "the impossible community"? What conditions are necessary? Join us in a conversation with the author of The Impossible Community: Realizing Communitarian Anarchism, John P. Clark.

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