A Year of Solidarity & Care

so much to catch you up on...I've missed you!

YouTube Videos

What does collapse look like right now? My YouTube channel is full of a variety of healthy goods. Check out video interviews with women from the Global South about their work on food security and resilience, indigenous design knowledge, and overt fascism. There’s an interview about the recent elections in Colombia. (A follow-up is coming soon, as Petro won and will take office in about a week.) Additionally, videos have gone up based on my workshops, for example on Restorative Justice, Support Pods & Mutual Aid, Community Accountability, Convergent Facilitation, and Hope & Privilege, to name a few.

Reading Groups

Nothing like learning a topic by running reading groups and making videos about it! If you want to join me and others in reading The Solutions Are Already Here by Peter Gelderloos or The Rise of Ecofascism by Moore & Roberts or The Impossible Community by John P Clark, let me know!

Common Cultural Patterns

Many of you have been on my White Supremacy Culture Patterns workshop. This continues for a major UK charity, as well as for Greenpeace International. I find this is quite a good way into looking at radical diversity, antiracism, and decolonisation. Once we see that we were raised in these patterns, trained in them very well, we can let go of the guilt and shame and move into the job of being allies and accomplices in bringing out their antidotes. Just that little pause in between doing and naming makes a huge difference to our capacity to change things, big things and little things. If you would like to explore how this works, connect with me.

Race Workshop Series Pilot

Other work I am doing with that major UK charity is running a race workshop series for senior white managers. The pilot just completed and was a success and will be rolled out to all managers in the charity. BAME staff requested this series and I worked with them on sharing their own experiences to help white managers understand context and issues that have been arising for years, with no resolution. We may be running this series with a large UK energy company next. Happy to discuss this with anyone looking to do something similar.

Extinction Rebellion

I remain connected with people still inside XR and have a few videos on the YouTube channel that address major issues around XR in terms of ecofascism and cult dynamics. Additionally, I will send out details of an upcoming workshop in September about a recently deeply worrying trend in people self-harming as a way of making demands on the UK government. Will send a separate edition of the newsletter about that.

Director of Wellbeing and Mentoring

Happy to have recently been appointed a part-time position in a new company that seeks to embody decolonisation and diversity at the most radical level. The opportunity to put into practice all that I’ve been talking about it is daunting but also a deep privilege. Staff members are all Global South heritage and many still live in the Global South. Language Liberation, countering white supremacy culture patterns, and ensuring everyone is heard (through group processes like Convergent Facilitation) are top of my list as this work gets underway. Will share more details as we make them public.

Website and Subtitles in Spanish

The Keduzi website now has a Spanish-language option, with content specific to Spanish speakers. All videos also contain an option for subtitles in Spanish. The video on the Colombian elections is completely in Spanish, with Spanish and English subtitles.


I continue to offer coaching for folks seeking to gain a non-oppressive perspective on the state of the world and how we respond. As always, my aim is to model the gift economy. So donations are welcome for any of my work, but I also offer coaching etc free of charge if you aren’t able to offer anything at this time. Be in touch.

PS I’ve  moved us from Sendinblue to Substack.

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