"The secret is to begin."

A conversation about possible possibilities.

"The secret is to begin."
La Vega, Colombia, September 2021
The world is burning, and it’s going to get worse. It may or may not get better, that’s up to us. Feeling the rage that we should feel in the face of what’s going on can remind us that we’re still alive, for now. It can remind us that there are people and institutions responsible for what’s going on. And it can remind us that we could live in a completely different way. Everything we need for our survival and happiness is all around us. The secret is to begin. —Peter Gelderloos
This book is about the quest for the free community, the community of liberation and solidarity. It seeks to convey the message that we need to think more deeply and carefully about the meaning of free community, and about the obstacles that stand in the way of its realisation. Above all, it seeks to convey the message: “Create it now.” — John P. Clark

“The secret is to begin.”

“Create it now.”

Maybe you are someone who does not need a call to action to build community. Maybe you already have the community you need for survival and happiness.

Imagine that.

Does it feel impossible to imagine?

John P. Clark writes about impossible possibilities and possible possibilities. Is it scientifically possible? Logically possible? Is it ideologically possible? We often confuse these.

John and I will be in conversation on Wednesday 14 September to discuss his book and what conditions are necessary for such impossible communities. Join us. It’s free!

Have a look at all the workshops that I’m supporting / facilitating at the Antiuniversity Festival in September.

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