Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Title words are set in front of green glass building that is in front of a tree line.

An inquisitive journey into the sustainability industry

Before doing my current anti-oppression/support for liberation work, my field was Education for Sustainable Development in UK higher education. I've written about my developing perspective on that space.

The past few years, I've had a side gig as a coach on the Possible Futures' Intro to Decolonial Sustainability course, which brings me in contact with academics, consultants, and others who work in sustainability. They often struggle with confronting the deeply violent reality of sustainability work and begin to question their own purpose.

Building on that inquiry, we, coaches, on the course have been offering a three-hour session to deepen the questioning, providing a held, provocative, and collective space for pausing.

As always, this is offered on a gift economy basis. Learn more and join us here.

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