Ep 4: They Are So Very Controlled

Ep 4: They Are So Very Controlled

A conversation with Peter Wicks about what might be going on when we see a white, middle class, Western gathering and everyone is being very careful with how they speak with one another...


Hey this is Heather Luna and welcome to KeduziCast, where we talk about all the things standing in the way of us learning how to take care of one another and keep each other as safe as possible, particularly within the kind of collapse-driven communities that many white, Western, middle class people find themselves within, not everyone, of course, but... Those are the kinds of things we talk about here and you can find me at keduzi.org as well as on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and I've got some occasional videos on YouTube and some Twitch. So welcome to this episode of KeduziCast.

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So thanks so much for listening to this episode of KeduziCast. This has been Heather Luna and if you are able to make any sort of donation to help us out here in Colombia, every little bit goes a long way, you can make a donation through the website at keduzi.org or you can do it through PayPal and the username for PayPal is heatherluna1. Otherwise, do go to Keduzi.org to see what upcoming workshops we've got and look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, LinkedIn, Twitch, YouTube. Until next time, chau!

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