An Abundance of Delicious Dares

Recordings from last week's workshops: I dare you to go somewhere different and uncomfortable.

An Abundance of Delicious Dares

They F*ck You Up Your Mum and Dad How an analysis of Adverse Childhood Experiences and domination lead us to mutual aid for families: check out Carrie’s 34-minute presentation (with English subtitles).

We Sacrifice No One What is our duty of care to young people, fellow activists, and people targeted for destruction by society? Check out my 17-minute presentation with English subtitles.

A Conversation with John P. Clark on The Impossible Community What is the difference between actual possibilities and ideological possibilities? What are the five spheres in which conditions for community are built? How do we start now? In the end, we discuss affinity groups in some detail. See our 82-minute conversation with English subtitles. Includes some renditions of a class protest song.

Introduction to Convergent Facilitation How can we come to decisions…as a group… that stick? That take into account people with more power and people with less power? When time is limited? In a way that builds relationships throughout the process? This workshop was not recorded but there is a playlist of videos available on the topic.

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