A Collapse Conversation

Originally entitled: Dissolving Arbitrary Complexity

A Collapse Conversation

Very warm weather in England. Very wet weather in Colombia. Power cuts in India. Midterm elections in the United States. Garry wrote: “What may emerge and what could be possible when you bring together a powerful space holder, guide and anarchist, a leading organisational justice consultant, a regenerative writer, designer and emergent OD pro and an international chemical industry sales and people pro into dialogue?”

We spoke for over an hour, Garry Turner, Sahana Chattopadhyay, Farzin Farzad, and I. Our conversation looked at complexity, collapse, fascism, community, love, and care. An hour and 13 minutes of pauses, connection, and making it all very real. Watch the video here.

Updated website: Thank you to my lovely webmaster for the updated website. Check it out!

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